by Emma Wakefield

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To the place where embodiment is gold, leadership is sustainable + success is on your own terms

WELCOME, wild one




Explore our collective

To the place where embodiment is gold, leadership is sustainable + success is on your own terms

WELCOME, wild one


soul led entrepreneurs

self mastery

Honouring the Forevolution of our human journey, energetic cycles, true self + desires.

Alchemising lead to gold in any moment to make heart directed decisions that serve self + the collective. 

Radically shifting energetics + individuation coding to release resistance to moving forward.

Harnessing the power of the intuitive superconscious + inner guidance to re-wild limiting belief systems.


g.o.l.d: Genius Originated Life Design

Chaos to Connection

The Foundations of Self Mastery at any level of your evolutionary journey.

We all find ourselves in our lead consciousness at different points in our life, no matter what stage of our evolutionary journey we're on. Lead is a place of confusion, chaos and overwhelm, a place where you can't see the path out, where you've lost trust in your own intuition.

Whilst strategy and business planning play a huge part in building a structure for your success, without the inner alchemy you will be avoiding opportunities for insight and evolution that will transform your relationships and business.  

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Chaos to Connection - The program that acts as the Foundations of Self Mastery and evolutionary success in life, business + soul.

chaos to connection

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The WildSelf Collective membership was designed for the rebel entrepreneurs, creatives + visionaries ready to rewild their relationship with success, money + the way they do business

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Explore the self-directed courses, live immersions, masterclasses and much more

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pellowah energy healing

1:1 Intuitive coaching

eft energy tapping

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This is an opportunity to shift individual consciousness, a time of healing, awakening and evolution so that you can illuminate the positive change you want to see in your life.

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Work with Emma on a 1:1 level through life, love, business + soul.
The Inner Alchemy

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Emotional Freedom Technique works to unblock and recalibrate the meridian system. 

A White

"I'm witnessing parts of me which I previously ignored and feel like a brand new person. I've become a brighter bolder version of myself + it was there all along, I just didn't know how to access those parts. Now I feel unstoppable!"

L Burton

"Not long after meeting Emma, I quit my job + set up my own marketing gig. That level of bold wasn't in my repertoire a year ago. But hey...here I am now getting paid to sit in my garden all day in the sunshine!"

C. Huntington

"I like to call Emma a divine feminine superhero because that’s what she is. She has such a natural ability and way about her to really get to the truth of what you want and need inside. She helps you figure out exactly what you want, what soul success is for you."

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Introducing the entrepreneurial membership with a twist. 

The WildSelf Collective was created to help you uncover a whole new kind of expansion: one that serves your mind, your business and your soul. An aspirational community like no other, built for business renegades and future-minded founders, who are ready to rewild the way we design a life of success.

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We're passionate about the the power of self alchemy – and how it can totally transform your life + success. With Emma's background in teaching, energy healing and alchemy, we work together to get serious about creating success on YOUR terms. Oh, and we all love Harry Potter... what else do you wanna know?

CEO + Founder Emma Wakefield
Community Manager Jodie + Marketing Magician Lisa

Hey, we're team alchemy!