A Bitch of a Witch Wound

The feminine wound

Have you ever feared speaking your truth? Feared actually saying what you really mean just in case someone doesn’t agree with you or it goes against the grain? Scared of being made to feel stupid or laughed at for having a strong opinion? Or deemed as crazy or overbearing?
When we experience an awakening, we begin to feel deep connection to the ancestral pain, the generational wounds of being burned, hanged or ridiculed for wanting to step into our power. It bubbles deep in our womb and the more we open up to divine feminine we can feel the rage and the anger that comes with it.

The Awakened Woman is deemed as crazy or bitchy or out of control. DAMN RIGHT WE’RE OUT OF CONTROL! Who the F wants to be controlled anymore? ‘Cause I sure as hex don’t.

I have spent too many years trying to people please, handing out my power like it didn’t matter and getting myself into narcissistic relationships where I lost myself all together.
I first heard of ‘the witch wound’ a few years ago when I read ‘WITCH’ by the incredible, sassy Lisa Lister (my homegirl as she would say) and my gawsh did it wake the witch in me. I felt it all.
The pain of being burned as a redhead, as a woman and as a woman who desires to change the lives of others for the better, going against societies norms.
I felt the disconnect from my womb, I felt the suppressed emotions and opinions flood in like being smacked round the head. I felt the call to create circles for women to educate and empower, to come together as cyclical, chaotic, beautiful, powerful fucking women and pull apart the installed patriarchal belief bullshit we have all been brain washed to live by in order to stay small.

Women still fear rising in their power. It feels daring, unsafe and lonely.

We are led to believe that a woman in her power is stuck up, belittling and untrustworthy.

Have you felt it?
How is this still a thing??
Why do women feel they need to shout louder than another women or live in their masculine in order to be seen and heard and taken seriously?
Especially when we share soulful, spiritual messages. I mean, it’s cool if this path isn’t for you but it doesn’t mean that you can tear a woman down for what is helping her rise.

Now is the time to rise. To heal and come together. To Rise as the powerful, beautiful Soulpreneur and do the work that will empower others to rise.

Squash the patriarchy and send love. So women can feel worthy, empowered and safe to live their authentic truth.
Now, come join us in my soul circle:

Copper Moon Coven

Love + Magick, Emma xx