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For empaths & Creatives Ready To reconnect & ReWild their true nature.


If you serve others from a place of deep connection, you’re probably beginning to realise: this business model isn’t sustainable. 
You feel the collective pull to serve, to heal, to guide and to deliver as an healer, a visionary and a creative heart right now - but you also feel that your resources are limited. 

Ready to side-step the smoke and mirrors of true self development? Looking for an aligned way to design a life of expansion, abundance and fulfilment, without perpetuating the toxic concept that our lives thrive on hustle, no matter the state of our Self?

Introducing WildSelf Collective: the nourishing membership with a twist. 

It’s time to start with yourSelf. 

Monthly Dose of Divination / Intuitive guidance with Emma

Monthly Wild Release - Around Full Moon

Monthly Live Guest / Member Spotlight Masterclass

Monthly Live Channelled Session with Emma





& much more!

The WildSelf Collective was created to help you uncover a whole new kind of expansion: one that serves your mind, your business and your soul. An accessible, inclusive community, built for rebel entrepreneurs and future-minded founders, who are ready to rewild the way we design a life of success.

What's beautiful about our membership is that you can access all the content, connect with your fellow wild community + have full control over what you see within our very own space accessible via iOS, Android + Desktop.

Desktop + App

It’s time to start with yourSelf. 

The WildSelf Collective was created to help you uncover a whole new kind of expansion: one that serves your mind, your business and your soul. An accessible, inclusive community, built for rebel entrepreneurs and future-minded founders, who are ready to rewild the way we design a life of success.

Wild Values

Meet fellow founders, innovators & rebel healers inside the exclusive WildSelf community. Access powerful accountability, support, friendship, collaboration opportunities & more


Instant access to a growing library of masterclass content covering Money Mindset, Nervous System Regulation, Manifestation Mastery & beyond.


Discover how sustainable success in life & business begins with Self, with mentorship & navigation on your rewilding journey from CEO & Founder of Alchemy & Energy, Emma Wakefield


Learn how to harness elemental energies, stand rooted in self-mastery & work seasonally, cyclically & intuitively to achieve a life of fulfilment & prosperity that’s both fulfilling and sustainable.


An inspirational community filled with fellow creatives, innovators & experimenters where you’ll receive support, access powerful accountability, forge friendships, create collaborations & beyond

Access to additional masterminds, group working sessions and expansion containers for the months where you require next-level support

Member Spotlight: your opportunity to showcase your creations to the WildSelf Community: share your wisdom, shine your light and create valuable connections 

The innovative roadmap to sustainable success in life & business: learn how to harness elemental energies & work cyclically with the seasons, the moon & mother nature to design a life of fulfilment & prosperity

A social media-free experience: use the app or member platform to access all your exclusive content and connect with fellow wildlings within a safe, supportive and empowering community

Mentorship & navigation on your rewilding journey from CEO & Founder, Emma Wakefield, via monthly lives

Here's what's included

Such a huge shift!!! I changed my job, my money mindset has improved greatly, my home life is more harmonious, I know and appreciate myself better than I did. I’m now creating my own business…and anyone that was here when I joined knows that was something I wasn’t even willing to consider! - Jodi 

I am remembering my power, voice and love for myself. So much has changed for me and my strength has been shown to me over and over 💖 love the collective! - Maria 

I now have a vision of my future, I want to work for myself doing something I love. I never thought it was possible, but now I know I can do this. - Amy 

Feeling so much more focused in everyday life. More confident in myself. Speaking out loud more. Feeling pretty chuffed right now. - Jo  

I've found my journey has been about taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions, and acknowledging/finding out where they come from. I've changed a lot of my negative thought process and can stop myself when in a negative cycle. I am breaking my own and generational cycles which feels so freeing. I am and always will be on a journey of finding and being me, since joining Emma I am happy with that and myself - Bex 

By far one of the best decisions I ever made to join, I've found so much out about myself and come so far and so excited for the Forevolution to carry on! - Charmian

I've done a lot of work to get ME back and this month I've fully focused on me and I gained clarity of what I truly want from my life. Ready to create it. - Carla

The difference is massive! Realisations and breakthroughs. Space & encouragement to be your authentic self! Learning and implementing with guidance along the way. It’s beautiful! - Nicola 

A whole new unexpected business came out of being here! So many realisations and breakthroughs and mindset shifts. - Steph

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How Does The Subscription Fee Work?

You can choose to pay monthly or save 2 months and pay annually. You can access your account, update your payment details via your Mighty Networks account. We request 30 days notice of cancellation via email to

Is This Membership Suitable For Me If I Live Outside The UK?

The beauty of the WildSelf Collective is its accessibility to passion-led creatives and spiritual soulpreneurs all around the world. Whilst live videos will be scheduled within the UK timezone, replays will remain available for you to access inside the membership platform, at a time that’s convenient to you.

How Do I Access The Online Community & Content?

Our community is hosted on Mighty Networks Platform, when you sign up you will be directed to the platform - you will gain instant access via desktop and mobile app. 
There is a video tour on how to access all the content topics, access lives and much more inside the platform.

What if I don’t like the membership?

We ask that you give 30 days notice of cancellation. There are no refunds for purchased month or year.

I have an unanswered question…

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, drop the team an email at and we’ll get back to you with the information you need!




We're passionate about the the power of self alchemy – and how it can totally transform your life + success. With Emma's background in teaching, energy healing and alchemy, we work together to get serious about creating success on YOUR terms. Oh, and we all love Harry Potter... what else do you wanna know?

CEO + Founder Emma Wakefield
Community Manager Jodie + Marketing Magician Lisa

Hey, we're team alchemy!