A wilder wellbeing

A journey to your authentic power

Unlock the power of your authentic self

Are you always in your head? Do anxiety, fear or self-limiting beliefs rule your mind and stop you from growing or achieving success? Have you reached a crossroad in life and not sure where to go or do you feel there must be more to life but can’t quite reach it? Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity or purpose in life?

I invite you to learn how to live A Wilder Wellbeing, an empowered life full of self love, energy and freedom in the heart of Sussex.

A journey where we step outside comfort zones, get lost in the wilderness to find our authentic self, where you make the life changing decision to take back control of who you truly are and how you want to experience the rest of your life.

Now is the time to invest in yourself, nourish your soul and flourish in life.

upcoming courses

WHERE: Zoom Online Video Meeting

STARTING: Wednesday 11th December 10.30-12.30


8 x 2 hour workshops

Private Facebok Support Group

Bonus: 1:1 Coaching Session with Emma via Zoom

CALL OR TEXT: 07778 415191



*Spaces limited to 6 people

What does this course cover?

This course is for those motivated and committed to making powerful shifts in their lives.

When you feel like something has got to give, surely this isn’t all your life has to offer, there must be more, right? 

Throughout this course, I will guide you through opening your mind to different perspectives. Together we will set your goals and intentions for the course. Each workshop will cover different tools to equip you on the journey to a more fulfilled life. 

We will talk about anxiety, fear, ego, unhealthy relationahips, finances, self love, meditation and so much more. 


Winter Solstice Soul Circle

WHERE: The Sussex Country Yurt, Northlands Road Horsham RH12 3SQ

DATE: Saturday 14th December 10.30-12.30


Winter Solstice is a time for rest and reflection.

This Soul Circle is a space for you to meditate and explore all that you have been through and achieved in the past year with gratitude and peace.

This is an opportunity for you to surround yourself with warmth and comfort, enjoy some tea and biscuits in good company. To fill your heart and soul with joy as the fire crackles in the background and you take a moment to reconnect to love and light.

✨ We will share meditation, stories and release stresses, doTERRA essential oils and more ✨

This session is open to 11 people, pre booking is essential.

You will need to bring:
– Yoga Mat
– Blankets + Cozy cushions
– Wear warm comfortable clothes
– Bring a notepad and pen for reflection
– Water
– An open mind

PRICE: £20

TO BOOK: 07778 415191



*Spaces limited to 10 people


Let’s start your journey!