I remember clutching one hand onto the door frame and one on my stomach where I had just been punched again after another out of control sensory meltdown (not that I knew at the time) and in that moment I made the decision to change my life.

From that moment, nothing would ever be the same again.

I had left a narcissistic relationship, finally asked for help in a what turned out to be a diagnosis of autism for my son, left an unfulfilling job and woke the fuck up! It was like I found strength from some unknown place within me and I knew beyond doubt that I was destined for more.

I have always been different, the kid that lived just outside the lines, “the ginger girl”, “the girl without a mum” “The family without a car” “the weirdo”
But I knew I was always more than the things other people saw.
I had a tugging sensation that I was more but I ignored it and pushed it down for so many years, covering it with bad relationships, unhealthy attention, bad eating habits and self doubt.

It was only in the moment I decided to rise did I hear the call that has been there all along.
It was like coming home, a feeling I knew, a long lost love. A love for myself.

The last two years have been an up and down roller coaster rise, like any ‘awakening’. Oh! did I not tell you….they are no bippity boppity boo singalong that’s for sure! No, the call to rise is deep rooted. It’s full of suppressed energy, belief, challenging moments, doubt, strength and it is not for the faint hearted.

My call to rise into my power, to serve as a coach to guide others to + create a huge ripple effect of empowering women to transform and rise. For this, I needed to heal, to awaken, evolve and learn to love, to remember my inner magick and show the fuck up.

So let me ask you if you have heard the soul deep whispers? The ones that begin to question everything. The ones that ask “do I really want to give my energy or time to this person” or that say “oh, I think I actually value myself here” or recognise that it is ok to prioritise yourself. You become curious about the coincidences that keep happening, the signs you keep noticing and the urge to discover a little more about this so called ‘Universal power’

The nagging sensation that makes you feel less than fulfilled and you wonder why? What’s missing? You know deep down that you are ready to make more out of your life but you may not be sure where to start or if your family will ridicule you for the thought of it.

I invite you to listen to the call.

I invite you to tune into your intuition. Turn the volume up, feel into it, feel into your body.

I invite you to answer your call to rise.