Emma has this uncanny ability to almost see into your soul and help you recognise the bits of yourself that perhaps you’d forgotten but that are intrinsic and make you who you are. She helps you bring that back to the surface so you leave working with her feeling like a much more whole individual than you felt when you first started working with her. I definitely intend to work with Emma again once I have gone through this next phase of my evolution so I can’t recommend her enough! 

One of the things that was really important to me in finding someone to work with was making sure they understood the balance that it was important for me to play between my home life and any evolution that I was going through. For me it was really important to make sure that one didn’t suffer as a result of the other and because Emma is family orientated, she openly talks about being a mother to an autistic son, she really understood that and never pushed me past where I was comfortable when it came to my family but she did ask really probing questions that allowed me to analyse the way that I was bringing myself into a family situation and how I could do things better. Better for myself and for my family. Really eye-opening! 

What I loved most about working with Emma was some of the questions she asks. They are difficult, they are soul-deep, and there were times when I put the phone down and thought “that woman!” But what I innately understood is that everything that Emma does is done with love, and a deep respect for the women she works with. A deep compassion and empathy, kindness and love. It is inspiring to watch and it is incredibly powerful to be part of and to work with. 

Thank you Emma!

Nicole Andan
Leadership Coach + Contemporary Artist

“Now, I run a 6 figure business that utterly fulfils and lights me up”

Listening in to what I truly needed and wanted slowly became a habit under Emma’s nurturing guidance and empowerment. We worked together on allowing change to happen at my pace, and slowly my self belief was restored. The changes that followed were like a breath of fresh air, releasing old, corporate habits and expectations of what I should be doing and how it should look.  I work in healthcare and I had resigned myself to the need to give to others and sacrifice myself as part of my role, energetically, financially and personally – how wrong I was. Emma has shown me that I can re-write the rules and create a beautiful, successful abundant life and business that serves me, my patients and the families I work with in the ways we all deserve.
Now, I run a 6 figure business that utterly fulfils and lights me up. Cycles of burnout are fading rapidly and I’m learning to trust in systems of work that will allow my business to grow without personal sacrifice. I take time off to be with my family and I have learnt how to establish boundaries in my work. I enjoy cooking dinner for my kids several times a week and I’m around for school drop offs and pick ups when I want to be. This year in the midst of the global pandemic, I 16 x’d my income and retired my husband at the age of 37.
I never thought this would be possible for me, I never dared to dream or think it and yet, now, I know even more is possible. I’ve spent the last month working with Emma and my team to create the next steps, my way, on my terms to the beautiful, wealthy and abundant life I never dared imagine for myself. Finding my aligned and beautiful truth, and the courage to speak it for the benefit of all.

Jo McMeechan
Specialist Children’s Physiotherapy + wellbeing


I first met Emma at one of her soul sharing circles. I was drawn to her from the moment I met her and my heart said “yes this is the woman you need to work with.”

I am Karen, an intuitive guide so I am deeply connected to my gut and boy was it right! When I met Emma I was teetering on the edge of a shall I, shan’t I leap… I was working three jobs and feeling exhausted, but not quite having that push or confidence to make the jump.

After our first session together I felt like something had shifted in me and my mindset and it wasn’t long before things changed.  I handed my notice in on one job (the one that didn’t light me up) and then lost another. I suddenly went from three jobs down to one. Instead of feeling scared and unprepared, with Emma in my corner, encouraging me all the way, I felt equipped to move into the life I wanted to design and it felt good, really good.

Our journey has been amazing from the start. I feel like I’m just beginning to fly solo but she is still there cheering me on all the way…. I can hear her in my subconscious mind whispering “you’ve got this” She is truly an alchemist, mentor, coach, and guiding light all rolled into one beautiful soulful person. I can not thank her or recommend her gifts enough.

Karen Bradley
Intuitive Guide


When I hired Emma, I was stuck going round in the same self sabotage cycles I’d been stuck in for years. I knew how to move forward but never found the confidence to do so. Emma and I were so in sync and I knew from the first call she could help me achieve great things. Now I have a clearer view of what I want and how to get it, I’m more connected to myself, my relationships with others have improved not to mention how much more I respect and love myself, my body, and my soul.


Just under a year ago I replied to one of Emma’s posts as I was feeling so frustrated that my business was taking so long to get up and running successfully.

I was 46 years old when I completely changed my business from a Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting business and retrained as a Nail & Lash technician.

To begin with I started working on friends & family as I think we all do, but getting new business was so slow. I felt like giving up, I just wasn’t making enough money and my confidence was so low.

I met up with Emma who is such a beautiful person inside and out. Extremely knowledgeable about the beauty business (and more) and how to make it grow. Initially I was concerned about laying out more money but it was worth so much more than I paid. Listening and putting everything into practice that Emma advised me has paid off. I am now seeing 4-5 (sometimes up to 8) clients a day. I have a home based salon in the middle of nowhere, but clients are happy to travel to me and pay my prices.

If you are looking to grow your business, whether you have only just started or struggling to get more, than I could not recommend Emma highly enough, you will not be disappointed. I literally love this lady and admire her so much! 

Tania Moore
Moore Nails + Beauty