THE empowering


for alignment in
life + business

SOME magic


The magic is within YOU

You are successful, yet you feel unfulfilled, frustrated and like you aren’t achieving your highest potential.

You know you are highly capable but need guidance on how to rise to that next level. The universe has brought you here, this is your call, trust it. You know there is a way to harness your energy and rise into your power.

If you are willing to open yourself and put the work in then I can help you level up to possibilities you would never have dreamed possible

I work intuitively with coaches, healers, therapists and leaders to unlock your inner magick and reconnect to your personal power.

To consciously craft a lifestyle that allows you to rise up as the empowered woman you are destined to be.

So if you are ready to rise to the fullest expression of yourself financially, emotionally and spiritually, let’s begin…


Waking up every morning, heart full and excited for your day ahead

Knowing that you have invested in your self growth and feel the shifts happening

Becoming the woman you truly want to be whilst crafting your own version of success

Knowing yourself on a deeper level and not needing others validation

Feeling supported by someone who really ‘sees’ and understands you and will call you out on your BS.

Embodying the freedom you have been working so hard to achieve in your business

Claiming back control of your beautiful life



You are ready to invest in your next level of soul aligned success + experience true freedom

You have done some inner work but can’t figure out what’s blocking you from moving forward

You have that nagging feeling that you are destined for more

You have the passion, skills and drive but you can’t seem to manifest the lifestyle and abundance you dream of

You don’t feel like you know how to step into your power, feelings of guilt

You find you are easily influenced by others or seek validation

You have downloaded all the ‘freebies’ known to woman and now feeling totally confused

You try figuring it all out on your own and then get overwhelmed when you start taking any action.


It’s time to remember
what makes you magic

The bespoke three
month journey includes

Soul Intensive – 90 Minute Initial deep dive session via Zoom
2 x 90 minute sessions via Voxer / month
1 x Pellowah Energy Session

Free access to WildSelf Collective in that quarter.

Investment: £555 / month

I’m SO Ready!

Lets craft some magick