Theia – Mystic All Seeing Eye Necklace


Theia – Named after Divine Goddess of The Sight, Light + Vision. Use this talisman as your tangible link to the third eye, gateway to intuition + higher consciousness

According to the myths, Theia was an oracular goddess with the gift of prophecy. She embodied the glittering of the sky and light beams.

It was she who gave the precious metals, like gold and silver, their luminous, shimmering qualities. This is why gold was an important metal to the Greeks with an intrinsic value – it was the divine reflection of the goddess Theia.

Boho style All Seeing Eye / Evil Eye light beam pendant with 18k gold filled water wave style chain. To support the Wise Woman, mystic, Seer, sage, medium, oracle inside you.

Enveloped in the Wild Autumn soft jewellery pouch + drawer box.

Zircon properties: Helps you unlock your spirituality + develop your intuition

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Element: Spirit

Material: 18k Gold Plated
Stone:White Zirconia
Chain Length: 4ocm.

Shipping to UK only

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