Orange & Star Anise Room Mist


This is a fabulous fragrance to instantly uplift and refresh a room, bringing  an exquisite blend of pine needle, eucalyptus and the citrussy peel of lime, lemon and sweet orange, with spicy tones of star anise, and a touch of cinnamon and clove, together with notes of frankincense, cedar and patchouli.

* 100ml / 3.4fl oz

* blends of essential oils

* hand poured in england

* black recyclable glass jar

Shipping to UK only

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There is no substitute for opening a window to bring in the fresh air but when you are looking to instantly refresh a room with some beautiful fragrance then our room mist is ideal.  candles and reed diffusers will provide a lovely build up of fragrance over a longer time period but a room mist will set the mood or even mask a stale odour with a quick shake and spritz!
 100ml mists come in chic and stylish recyclable glossy black glass bottles, and will look attractive wherever you display them. These room sprays are a luxury treat for yourself or make a great housewarming gift


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