Jasmine + Sea Salt Natural Candle


light this candle to day-dream of summer holidays, sea breezes and refreshing clifftop walks above a rugged coastline. A light and breezy blend of jasmine, lily and sea salt, enhanced with lemon and green eucalyptus which together with layers of cedar bark, soft musk and moss provide a delightfully fresh fragrance.

* 100g

* natural wax blend of soy and rapeseed

* blends of essential oils

* cotton wick

* up to 25 hours burn time

* hand poured in england

* white frosted glass

* black lid

Shipping to UK only

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Hand-poured in England. Using a top quality vegan blend of soy and rapeseed vegetable wax, scented with our own unique fragrances made from a blend of essential and botanical oils, which when used with a cotton wick gives a very clean burn and an amazing scent throw.

Clear glass frosted to our specification to provide an attractive glass jar that you will want to use again and again long after the candle has finished, the jar comes with an attractive black lid with an easily-removable paper label.  take these candles on holiday or use wherever space is limited, bringing the unique brownstone fragrances wherever you go, each candle will burn for up to 25 hours.


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