1:1 Cauldron Session


I get the feeling many of us are ‘In The Cauldron’ at the moment shall we say…
In a space of brewing ideas
In a space where things are shifting

In a space where it’s slightly uncomfortable because the fire is LIT 🔥 and it feels like it’s sitting under our asses

In a space where our current reality / situ / job / relationships / set up is getting annoying and scratchy like Mrs Weasleys hand knit jumpers….ammiright?
It feels like you’re under the Confundus Charm 🪄 confused AF

Also the internet is LOUD AF and there are so many shiny new courses, crystals + certifications we feel we “if we just do that we might feel more qualified/ worthy/ ready” gaahhh

How would it feel to actually FEEL all the uncomfortable-ness? Like intentionally sit and be with it?
Notice where you feel it, what form it takes, what density is it…
How damn uncomfortable is it?!
Now ask yourself…. If it’s uncomfortable to be in this situation but it’s also uncomfortable to change it…which uncomfortable leads to more magical aligned places?

So. What do you truly want?

I have opened a few spaces for ‘CAULDRON’ sessions –
An hour of brewing ideas, making some magick and cutting through the noise.



One hour of brewing magical ideas together via Zoom


I’d love to chat to you about your soul success journey.