Get ready for a new Vibration

We are the generation of change-makers, healers, light leaders and evolutionary women

The universe has brought you here, calling you to tune in and connect to the Divine wisdom that already resides within you


Now more than ever we are being called to remember “Who We Really Are”

This is an opportunity to shift our individual consciousness, a time of healing, awakening and evolution so that you can illuminate the positive change you want to see in this universe.

So if you are ready for a radical shift in consciousness, let’s begin…

The Healing Power of Pellowah



soul success coach Increase intuition
soul success coach Generates new and expanded perspectives
soul success coach Empowers you to take charge of your life
soul success coach Increase your personal capacity for positive change
soulpreneur mindset coach Realign the body meridians
soulpreneur mindset coach Increase inner strength and confidence
soulpreneur mindset coach Greater feeling of Inner peace and clarity of mind
soulpreneur mindset coach Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression
soulpreneur mindset coach Create a stronger connection to Source/The Divine


Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment, spiritual healing, and spiritual growth?

Are you wanting to shift long held patterns and beliefs?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection to yourself and life?

Knowing yourself on a deeper level and not needing others validation

Often we feel something is “just not right”, or “there must be more to life” – we can’t put our finger on what the issue is, yet we “know” something needs to shift. We need a change within us.

Pellowah is an opportunity to create this “shift”


What is Pellowah?

Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA – ready for activation. It unblocks and realigns all the meridians within the body, giving a feeling of well-being and connection which allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life.

Unlike other forms of energy healing, Pellowah does not work through the Practitioner.  Pellowah is direct from source to the person receiving the healing. A practitioner receives the attunements that enable them to initiate the Pellowah energy and hold the healing space for the person receiving. There is no diagnosis or interpretation by the practitioner.

You may experience huge shifts immediately following a session, or the effects may be subtle, yet profound, unfolding over a period of time

The healing effects of Pellowah are a wonderful by product of a “Shift in Consciousness”. You may experience new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. In addition through the Pellowah healing technique you may also experience the following:

·     Increase your personal capacity for positive change
·     Empowers you to take charge of your life
·     Generates new and expanded perspectives
·     Attain a new lightness and sense of well being that increases over time
·     Create a stronger connection to Source/The Divine
·     Remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance
·     Increased intuition
·     Realign the body meridians
·     Connect the 12 strands of DNA
·     Activate the connected 12 strands of DNA
·     Calming of emotions
·     Greater feeling of Inner peace and clarity of mind
·     Increase inner strength and confidence
·     Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression

Pellowah is here for your awakening and personal growth

The Session

Clients are fully clothed during the “Hands Off ” session lasting 45-60 minutes. Each Pellowah session is different! Pellowah works with the individual to build new pathways to awareness and consciousness. Everything that happens in a session is for the client, there is no interpretation from the practitioner.

Pellowah works within the energy field of the client and is completely hands off. It is the transmission of pure energy and requires no music, oils, crystals etc be used in order not to interfere with the vibration and frequency of the Pellowah Energy.

All from the comfort of your own home

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