It’s Time To Normalise Feeling Messy

How much of your existence do you spend looking for answers? Trying to work out the big life plan? The one that’s going to finally make you feel complete… like you know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and exactly how it’s all going to pan out? If you’re forever searching out that sweet spot between the chaos and the collected – pull up a chair, gorgeous one.

Because the truth is: we’re all sitting at the exact same table. 

We spend so much of our existence looking for answers, seeking validation for the choices that we’re making, or straining our ears for that magical guidance that’s going to save us from the trouble – and the ownership – of having to make our own choices. 

It can feel so messy, so chaotic… am I right?

Comparison Is The Thief Of All Joy

We look at social media platforms, and it feels like so many people have got their shit together. How many glossy, beautifully orchestrated feeds do you get lost in, on a daily basis? We’ve all been trapped in that endless scroll more times than we care to admit to ourselves. And we’ve all ended up glancing up into the mirror, and asking ourselves straight afterwards: ‘Why doesn’t my life look like this? Why isn’t it clean and crisp and put together?’

It can all feel so messy. 

So where do we pin our problems next? Onto something – anything – outside of ourselves. We go ‘out there,’ looking for the answers. We go seeking someone who can help us with a strategy, to make us look like we are put together. 

And don’t get me wrong – strategy is so, so important. It’s important for our businesses, for our goals – strategy is what guides us towards what we’re crafting for our lives… what we are creating for ourselves.

But I’ve got news for you:

The ‘Perfect’ Life Plan Is Out. Messy Is In.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Life can be messy and successful. You can not know where you’re going – and still be moving forwards. Let that sink in for a sweet second. It’s time to normalise that this is what success looks like.

What Does Real Success Look Like?

Success isn’t linear, especially for the divine feminine, especially for those soul-led business owners. It’s messy. It’s chaotic. It doesn’t always make sense. We don’t always have the answers. Our grand plan for life isn’t outlined, colour-coded and scheduled in! We do float in the mystery sometimes… and that’s okay.

So I’m asking you: What if we, as conscious leaders, were to normalise this? To normalise the ebb and flow. To normalise our cyclical nature as women because we don’t always have the answers?

Normalising + Embracing The Beauty Of Chaos

Life is not always put together. It is messy… and that is beautiful. I’m a huge believer in crafting success that looks and feels right for each of us. It’s got to be in alignment with who we are as a human; it comes right down to our human design. It comes down to our energy type. It comes down to our personality type, to what we like and what phase we are in, and how we show up on any given day. Your life plan… has got to work for you.

Aligning With What Lies Within

This is why it’s so important that everything is soul aligned. We’re told by so many people:

You’ve got to plan your life out a certain way, in order to succeed. 

You’ve got to look a certain way to succeed. 

That’s bullshit.

You can be all that you are, everything that makes you you – and be successful. You can be messy… and you can have the days when you’re put together. And both will contribute to your success story.

You can have the days when you know all the flipping answers, and when you feel that you are being so guided – and you can have days when you’re pulling your hair out because you don’t understand what’s happening. You don’t have the answers. And that’s cool.

Shake Off Those Old Beliefs

Be aware of all the conditioning you’ve been through in your life up until this point. Because whilst we cling to that old paradigm stuff because it keeps us safe… we stay small and stuck, too.  It convinces us that we must be something that we’re not in order to succeed. But the real truth is, everything that is under that layer of bullshit – that raw, delicious, vulnerable you – is everything that makes you magic. And that is what we want to get to.

In The Copper Moon Coven, we lovingly (kinda!) refer to these old beliefs as the ‘onion layers of bullshit’ – because they need to be peeled away, in order to expose the real, juicy, powerful you underneath.

From a place of shedding, of unbecoming, you are able to learn, and discover, and explore more parts of yourself. The more you shed, the more you are able to witness what makes you you. 

Your confidence grows, your self-belief grows, and your courage grows.

You start to illuminate and permeate that magic – and the really delicious part? It starts to light up the road for others as well! 

And yes, it will be messy along the way. There’s no true self-discovery without discomfort. There’s no self-development without tension. There’s no life… without mess.

But instead of constantly trying to gloss it up, perfect the life plan, hide the mess, present perfection… I challenge you to step right into it. Acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers. Hex, maybe you haven’t even worked out what the questions are yet!

Honour that. Embrace the ebb and flow. Wax and wane with it. Normalise the messy. Normalise the chaotic. Normalise not having all the answers, all of the time. 

Release perfection… and watch the magic unfold.

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