As female entrepreneurs, we all begin somewhere, right?

Some have a healthy bank balance to fund their business dreams, have a sponsor or super supportive spouse. Whilst some women start with nothing, like literally under £100 with zero savings (me)

Neither woman is better than the other, and both have a chance at success.

You see money only amplifies who we already are, it’s an incredible tool, a flow of energy.

Having more money does not fix money problems either, If we have a bad relationship with the green stuff (I mean it’s not even green in the UK, it’s pretty much plastic monopoly money now) we will always have a bad relationship or negative mindset towards money unless we actively work to kiss and make up.

I have always been pretty shit with money

Getting into debt without a second thought, buying extravagant things just for the hell of it. I’d never really actually had any money. I avoided it, and when I did have any I would spend it or give it away.

This had to change when I wanted to scale my own biz. I had to change my whole perspective and relationship with the “route of all evil that doesn’t grow on trees” and is “really hard to come by” (who remembers their parents saying that?)

I needed to invest in myself  instead of spend to fill a void, I needed to understand money on a different level + become soul sistas, ya know.

When I started as a coach and made my first £5k month I felt guilty! Ha! Like I should be working really hard to get this money instead of it feeling all flowy and lovely. So I ended up burning out by over giving and ended up spending every penny I made or helping others financially.

After becoming a Sacred Money Archetype®️ Coach this year I realised WHY I was sabotaging my success and how my money personality perceived wealth, it was juicy + terrifying all at the same time to realise I was the one blocking the flow, yo!

I now know when I’m out of alignment and can work on it, when I am in alignment I manifest shit like my dream car!

One of my amazing clients achieved her first £5.5k month this month too!! Yay! What goddess 👑

BUT even as I type this, I am aware of all the women that this post will trigger because I am talking openly about money. I get it! I have been there. I have experienced poverty, not even having enough money to buy food. I have been hungry, I have had charity support to be clothed and housed. I never wanted the same for my son but I repeated learned patterns and ended up homeless, I had my car repossessed, I got into more debt and I am GRATEFUL for every single lesson this taught me.

When I decided to change my life, I worked on SO many parts of myself but I left the part about money out until a year ago. Even as a coach I still had things to work on but I wanted to work on them so I could help empower other women to take responsibility for their success. This is why I weave wealth consciousness into my coaching and empower women to change their perspective, nurture their relationship with money and reclaim their personal power.

This is why I teetered around with what to call myself as a coach, I was a Growth Coach, then a Life Design coach until my brand coach was like “Emma, STOP hiding your truth” so I cut through the BS and declared my role as a Soul Success Alchemist.

Success is the ultimate purpose of my coaching. Success looks different to every entrepreneur but we all know we HAVE to work on our personal development and up-level our mindset so we can be open to receive the success. HOWEVER so many women I speak to skip this step and wonder why their business strategy isn’t getting the results they are so desperately striving for. 

If you’re not in alignment with your soul purpose, life values and authentic truth then you’re gonna feel confused, blocked and drained. 

So many clients are desperate for the quick fix formula, magic potion or secret key to bypass the inner work, but I got bad news for you sista, those shadows are gonna come up and bite you in the ass, even when you’ve hit your six figure marks. For a lot of women we want to avoid the subject of money hoping it’ll just sort itself out (I see you) but we know that doesn’t work right. I mean, I believe in magic but no fairy is gonna solve your money shiz if you aren’t prepared to work at it too.

This is why I work with female entrepreneurs who are READY to make the alchemical shift and quantum leap to greatness. They don’t want their excuses to hold them back anymore and are ready to invest time, money and energy into learning what the hex is stopping them from becoming the next level Goddess they so deserve to be!

Now is the time

This is the hour

Ours is the magic

Ours is the power

It is time for you to RISE. Unlock your inner magic, crack your wealth code and illuminate your life.

Let’s talk.

Love and gratitude, Emma xx