“She’s crazy!” A modern emergence of Female Hysteria

You feel enraged. I hear you. I see you. 

But I also see something else, and I implore you to pause for one sweet second.

Take a breath. Ground yourself. There’s something a whole lot bigger silently unfurling beneath our feet as women, and if we don’t notice its tendrils, as we charge forwards… every single one of us will trip over it.

The injustice you feel, the anger that’s bubbling up inside you… what if it was all there by perfect design? What if it was causing you to react in a way that fed into the narrative that’s been immaculately orchestrated by the very agenda you’re so furious at?

‘Female Hysteria’ was once one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders – you know that supposed mental health condition that conveniently explained away any symptoms or behaviours that made men feel… well: uncomfortable. These could range all the way from infertility, to arousal, to PTSD, to enjoying writing just a little too much, ffs. 

(I mean, have you seen the film Hysteria?!)

And do you know what the recommended treatment was? That affected women really ought to take to bed (read: get out of public life) and avoid ‘intellectual activity’ (read: stop making decisions, having opinions or thinking thoughts)

How incredibly convenient for them, don’t you think?

So before you rise up fierce, rageful and unyielding against the machine that’s just provoked every single one of us… pause. Breathe. Ground. 

Right now, we still have the choice to take back control of this narrative. Because women are not unstable. Women are not hysterical. Women are fucking powerful.

Let’s not be the brushes they need to paint that picture of women back into reality. Let’s not be the angry bear that they can poke for their own amusement. Let’s be what we know we are. 

Stronger than those who want to take us back there. Better than the system that’s being manipulated against us. Greater than any provocation they can – and will – throw our way.

Notice it. Witness what it stirs within you, feel all you need to feel – Then slowly take back control of where your energy is being focussed.

Don’t forget – distraction is a powerful thing…

Wild love always

Emma x