Confessions of a Soul Led CEO

Entry 1 – Friday 27th May

I’m swinging in my new hammock under the beaming hot rays, slathered in factor 30 to protect my ginger translucent skin.

I’m reflecting on the rollercoaster of a week it’s been; which seems to be my current norm – when will it calm down I wonder?

Literally everything that could go wrong had and is, the dogs health, the child’s mental well-being, the school crap, the surge of clients cancelling memberships and some huge financial cock-ups that left me gasping for air.

I made a huge CEO fail and forgot to save for my unexpectedly large end of year tax bill – I’ve been so flippin caught up in my sons mental health spiral + EHCP battle that some of my business foundations have slipped….and it scares me.

One hefty payment plan later and I was able to make myself enjoy the sunshine on my allocated ‘joy day Friday’

I try hard to tune into gratitude that my business is making a profit despite the ‘uncertain times’

– which is bollocks narrative because we’re actually always in uncertain times – certainty is an illusion constructed to make us feel like we’re forever chasing waves.

I find the gratitude hard today because I don’t see the profit staring back at me from this P+L. Why am I not covered in sexy notes in my hammock, dammit! Although admittedly I do always have some tangible notes pinned to my fridge to remind my reticular activating system

Having just come back from the new vets with Pixie who’s scheduled the first of her operations, I realise I’m living my profit.

I’m eating it
I’m benefiting from the support because of it
I’m enjoying the hammock because of it
I’m driving it
I’m living in it.

We don’t always see the profit as numbers so it makes it hard to identify sometimes, right?

Because let’s be honest – as a lone parent responsible for EVERYTHING most couples split – the numbers don’t always stick around too long.

But thank fook I GET to pay for all these beautiful things, services, joys and pleasures eh!

I’ve been talking a lot about the collective fear based narrative of ‘tightening belts’ and ‘making cutbacks’ – I know there is very real shit happening on a financial / shortage front….HOWEVER….As forgers of the new paths, soul led entrepreneurs, creatives + visionaries – we really gotta catch what we’re perpetuating.

If we’re cutting out investing in moments of joy + self development – how on goddess green earth do we suppose on growing? Do we move closer to our dreams + visions? Do we create from a space of Faith and abundance?

Energy is our MOST precious currency.

When we create + serve from overflow and self agency – we set a very different energetic tone, ya know? So we need to be wildly honest with ourselves. Are we perpetuating and therefore creating more of lack? Or can we actually continue forward mindfully + fully committed to our goals?

As always, I’m open to discussions, thoughts and feels.

Until next time…be bold, remember your magic + compassion is gold

Wild love
Emma x

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