I can’t even tell you how many times I have changed my business name and changed what the heck I’m doing. It was only this year that I decided to stop messing around and actually invest in my kick-ass, soulful brand.


I got it so wrong in the beginning, I invested too much time, money and energy in the wrong places. I would obsess about business cards, fliers and roller banners and a quick logo on a free site, there was no real focussed intent. Just desperation to get in front of people, ya know? I thought having a brand was just fonts, logo and a shiny website but this journey has been so much more than that on all levels.

I called around a couple of brand coaches, knowing that it was gonna be a chunk of financial investment but it was so time to play BIG! If you know me, you know I’m all about the energy sista and when I spoke to Nicki, the connection was fire! It was a no brainer.

We literally hit it off on the discovery call and it felt like we’ve known each other forever. She just got me, she understood my mission and my sole purpose and that was so so important to me. Our connection was so aligned and I felt totally supported and knew that this powerhouse was gonna take no hiding BS from me. She managed to draw out the real ME, my magick and my authentic voice. Despite having done so much work on myself! This work is easy to do with my clients and that is why having accountability support from the right people is key.

I’m gonna be totally open with you, it hasn’t been an easy journey. It threw up some serious insecurities, doubt dragons and comparisonitis. It was a risky decision going full practical magick in my coaching biz but it felt totally aligned with my soul purpose. No more teetering around the edges, it was time to fully own my power!

And BOOM! The clarity that came when I fully showed up was amazing. Nicki really is a superwoman.

I ended up having to have two brand shoots because the lockdown remote shoot had me running for the hills wrapped in a duvet and wanting to hide my chubby ass from the world. So as soon as lockdown lifted I took a road trip to Essex and had a really chilled, boho shoot with the amazing Amanda Hutchinson who made me feel secure, guided and made it all about me. She took the time out to research locations and we has a great laugh.

Even then I felt a little self conscious of my weight and wanted to control it all and this is when I recognised I needed to focus on my self love work, and fast!! Through that self love practice and owning my authentic voice came something quite magical. 

Having been a coach for nearly 3 years now I am happy to have had all of these lessons to get me to this place now. This beautiful rebrand represents a new, higher phase in my life and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

I hope you enjoy my brand, mission and message as much as I did finding it.


Now, let’s create some magick