I laugh as I type this because it sounds so cliche and hippy, but I honestly love spending my time barefoot and braless, it’s freeing and kinda like ‘rule breaking’.

There was once a time when I probably would have wanted permission for this, to know it’s acceptable for a successful woman to be perceived as a little bit ‘woo’. 

As women, we have a tendency to seek validation or permission. In business, personal development, wealth, growth and more. Have you ever felt the need to know that it’s ok to be the way you are? (honestly, please email me, I LOVE hearing your stories) The trouble is, every time we do this we give away a little bit more of our personal power and end up doubting ourselves even more!

In June, I sent an email out titled “what do boobs have to do with business visibility” which went a little bit like this:

“So there I was, happily on a (slightly more jiggly) walk feeling rather proud of myself when I realised how exposed I felt. It suddenly felt like everyone else knew I wasn’t wearing a bra! That surely when I passed another walker they would be thinking “what is that ginger hippy doing, it’s an outrage, it’s a scandal”

BUT then I remembered what a powerful being I am, I reminded myself that I don’t actually care what people think and I’m happy doing my own thing.

This is similar in business because as soon as we publish something raw, vulnerable or outside our comfort zones we suddenly feel like were on show. Sometimes we feel paralysed with fear and quickly run and hide never to step outside the box again.

But I encourage you to show up. Real, authentic and a little bit outside the lines. Try new stuff, feel all the feelings but don’t let fear keep you small, caged or controlled by norms. Remind yourself what a magical badass you are and keep shining your light.

I mean sure we feel safe, secure and supported neatly packed in a bra. But have you tried lettin’ loose lately?”

The more I decide to show up as me in my business and in life, the more I flow. It is interesting that as women, we still feel that we need to explain ourselves or apologise to everyone for trying something new or stepping outside our comfort zone for fear of being judged or rejected, right?

I hear this a lot with the women I speak to, they worry about what their friends and family will think of them if they start showing up as their true self because they have been living to please or live by the generational norms + limitations for their family. This can be so claustrophobic and often leads to feelings of not good enough, anxiety, self doubt + hitting glass ceilings 

This can show up at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or before an epic level up. I really enjoy working with the women who are at the edges of a level up. They have had success in their business already but perhaps they haven’t quite been fully true to themselves. They have suppressed their fullness, their Goddess, their magic for fear of being ‘too much’ or ‘a bitch’ or similar. 

The truth is, that we will always be judged by others. No matter your soul purpose and all the other people that you want to help, there will always be this that you trigger or upset JUST because you have good boundaries, confidence, wealth etc. and this is a reflection of them, not you. 

The moment when a woman unleashes her wild, raw goddess and decides to craft her own version of success is my favourite thing! When we work together to uncover her truth and live as the fullest expression of herself financially, emotionally and spiritually. 

I recently got together with my soul sisters (all successful strong women) we hired a couple of bell tents and spent a couple of days nourishing our souls with good food, good wine, good conversation, rituals, yoga and much more. We laughed that this is our version of enjoying success and freedom. Not everyones version of success is the same and that is to be celebrated! 

You don’t need permission for this journey. It is safe for you to be a woman in her power, to experience true freedom…..barefoot + braless is optional.

Love Emma xx

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