I get it, you’re envisioning twigs in hair, naked moon dances and bra burning right?
And whilst i’m all for moon appreciation (fully clothed FYI) I would like to help you reframe your depiction of a ‘wilder woman’ and how you can awaken yours….

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I have always known I was different. This did not only relate to the call to rise but also the call to re-wild. To reconnect to my intuition, freedom and power.

This meant stripping back the layers of falsities and moulding to reclaim what I had given away so freely and unknowingly. It meant I had to find my authentic voice and USE it. Discover what I really wanted from this life, to connect to my raw instincts and also learn to say NO or back the fuck off, or get outta my way. It meant going deep and into the darker spaces of myself and loving all of it. Forgive my past mistakes, accept my traumas and connect to my darkness for this is where my deep thinking, creative magick resides and it compliments the light so much.

So yeah, a wilder woman is a free spirit who feels empowered to be authentically THEMSELVES. A wild woman steps outside her comfort zone and societies norms to design a life that sets her soul free. She embraces what makes her shine, free of limitations, living a life that fills her with joy and purpose. She plays by her own rules, she crafts her own life.

A wild woman is in tune with her intuition, can tap into her divine feminine and masculine energies and know when she is balanced. She is connected to her body, her mind and soul. She may even indulge in a little moon dancing too 😉

Yes, sometimes a woman in her power can be perceived as ‘scary’ or intimidating because often we find it uncomfortable or triggering when we meet someone who actually values herself, is humble and can see right through others.
Higher levels of consciousness are at play here, often those who can see from a higher perspective have little time for those who undervalue time, energy and respect.
The wild woman will connect on a soul deep level, like you’ve known her for years. She understands you without the need for words. She knows what she wants and will not give up until she has achieved that or better in order to serve and inspire.

I dare you to draw outside of the lines.
Strip back the layers of false protection and of society conforming expectations of yourself.

Dance around your kitchen, move your precious body, shake off the old energies, connect and feel your way.
Walk barefoot in the grass, reconnect to earth and ground yourself.
Sit with your hands over your womb space and send love.
Question those who take too much of your energy
Welcome in the gatekeepers, your boundaries.

Do more of what makes YOU feel good. Then do it again with a smile.

Then burn your bra. Im kidding, I’m kidding!!! Don’t do that, we need our bras to hold our boobs in place whilst we do all this dancing.