As I sit here typing, with the smell of forest pine candle burning, a hot cup of mint tea, snuggled in a golden warm blanket… I reflect on this strange year of global awakening and all the messy lessons presented to me and to us as a collective.

Most of the women that I know have felt a huge unexplainable weight and heaviness in their soul over the last few months. Shadows and ignored truths have been rearing their ugly heads or creating stumbling blocks on their journey, no matter how high vibe they are consciously trying to be. 

2020 has been something of an awakening time for many, some experiencing losses, some heartbreak, some beauty like never before. People are recognising the life that they have built up until this moment. They are also recognising what they have been putting up with for a long time too: the truth they had been ignoring, people and situations that are no longer serving them have become painfully clear.

So many people have had to look at their lives from a different perspective, had to make very difficult decisions, have had to truly look at themselves.

And in order to rise, in order to move past this space and elevate, we must first work through and recognise the mess. Just think of the beautiful butterfly, what she has to go through and endure before becoming a thing of beauty. 

Women are incredible. What we are able to do, what our bodies are able to go through, how we move and how we change with the cycles of the moon.

Many women are experiencing unrest, like a tugging deep within their soul. Some are experiencing pain in their bodies, in their womb space as they go within and recognise how much of themselves they have suppressed. Their throats are hurting from suppressing their voices, the hearts are heavy from carrying the weight of the world and their souls are tired from being unheard or ignored for so long.

Things can change and things will get better, if we choose to listen, if we choose to learn from our lessons, face our shadows and receive divine guidance. If we tune into our bodies, move with the cycles, turn up the volume on our intuition and speak our truth.

At Samhain, we move into the feminine cycle of the year / Yin. We are invited to soften, to go deep. To sit, be and listen. To be unafraid of releasing that which no longer serves our soul purpose and highest self; using the energy of the powerful full moon on 31st October

My dear, I invite you to try a sacred candle ritual…

It is said that the veil between the worlds is thinner during Samhain.

This is a beautiful time to call in wise ancestral wisdom to help you, to guide you and to hold you as you release and go within.

1.  Set up your beautiful, peaceful space, alter or a ritual meditation corner. Get comfortable and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel connected and grounded. Make yourself a Cacao or herbal tea and settle in – grab a journal and a pen for any wise words that may come.

2.  Allow yourself time and space to complete your ritual. Tune out the outside world, shut off your phone, put the laptop away.

3.  Take some deep grounding breaths of air element energy, allowing it to flow abundantly through your body

4.  Feel the weight of where you are sitting, calling in earth element energy to connect you to Mother Earth.

5.  Light a candle of your choice as you call in fire element energy.

6.  Now close your eyes, and listen. Ask for guidance from your ancestors, from the wise wild women that came before you, ask for support, ask for healing and for courage. Ask for whatever it is your soul longs for.

7. Say that you are listening, that you are ready.

“I call upon the wise wild women that came before me, I ask for your support, for your courage and for healing, I asked for guidance as I go within. I am ready and I am listening”

8.  Now just sit in peace, focus on your breathing, focus on your body. Notice any heaviness, any discomfort and allow the elements to move through you to help you release them whilst you remain in a receptive state to hear the guidance.

Take as long as you need

9.  Journal with wanton abandon and allow it to flow. Sip on your tea with gratitude and an open heart. Allow this peace to nourish your soul and know that you are held.

When you’re done, take a nice deep breath and thank the ancestral wisdom, energy, thank the elements, thank the moon and blow out your candle.

You are ready to do the soul work. 

And so it is

Love and Magick Emma xx

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