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Having experienced, lived and blossomed through anxiety, overwhelm, parental failings, damaging relationships, building businesses and much more; i’m able to provide coaching and mentoring on a whole other level. 

Emma's Story

My childhood was no fairytale, but there was a hero.

I was brought up by my dad from the age of 5 whilst my mother was in an unhealthy relationship that took her away from me.

An early childhood memory of mine is of my brother and I sat on the communal family bed, yes, we could only afford the one bed for the three of us! Eating macaroni cheese out of a tin donated by The Salvation Army.

My Dad gave up everything for my brother and I. We had next to no money but even though we lived in poverty, my dad made sure we NEVER went without. We were surrounded by love and support and for that my dad will forever be my hero.

I will save the rest of that story for another day.

Fast forward and I am working 12 hour days in an office, diligent and passionate about my job and ready to move up. And to my absolute surprise I found out I was the big P! No….not the promotion I had anticipated and been promised but PREGNANT!

By the time my beautiful baby boy was born I was homeless, jobless and loveless. Things could not have got worse, except they did. Not only was I struggling as a single mum, I discovered my son was autistic which made motherhood harder than I could ever imagine and made creating a meaningful relationship even more challenging. I entered a whirlwind of bad relationships. I became depressed. I lacked confidence and had very low self-esteem.

That is until I decided there MUST be a better way!!

So my journey of self-development started from outside. I believed if I looked good then surely the inside would follow suit and all my self-esteem issues would be solved. BOY was I wrong!

After delving deeper, training after training and book after book, I realised the answer was already within me. I HAD THE CHOICE TO BE HAPPY and confident and live the life I wanted regardless of my past experiences.
My past DID NOT equal my future. I could rewrite my story.

I DECIDED to stop being a victim of my circumstances and blaming my situation on others and past events. I DECIDED to take responsibility for my life and who I am. Most importantly I changed MY whole mindset towards my son and the way I parented. I no longer tried to change or challenge his behaviour but I changed my approach to parenting to better suit his needs.
To make him feel safe, secure and loved, no matter what.

Like my Dad had made me feel.

Fast-forward to now, my relationship with my son is fantastic! We understand each other so much better, even on his bad days! which allowed me to go self employed in 2017. I am now the proud owner of a Growth Coaching Business, helping people step into their authentic power is my passion and purpose. 

Love + Gratitude,

Emma xx

  • Business & Entrepreneurship can be lonley
  • Parenting can be lonely
  • Anxiety can be lonely
  • Self Deprecating Mindset can be lonely
  • Fear (of anything) can be lonely
  • Having a Creative Mind can be lonely


There are times when we get lost in the dark and feel so very alone. Taking the first step and asking for help is the most admirable move.

Or perhaps you don’t feel lost but you KNOW that now is your time to change, evolve, grow and step into your power!


I Work With You To Bring Your Goals & Vision to Life.

Wherever you are in your journey now and whatever your goals or visions are; I will help close the gap to achieve growth and success. No matter how big or small, I work with clients on a wide range of coaching areas.

Life Coaching

We live in a fast paced, instant gratification world where we expect so much from ourselves on a daily basis. It is common to become overwhelmed or a little lost along the way. Finding that we can no longer make the best decisions, speak up or feel confident.

This then affects our ability to move forward or cope with day to day situations. Be it in your mind, your relationships, work or your parenting.

The kindest thing we can do is reach out for help to guide us back to ourselves. Discovering self-limiting and conditioned beliefs that may be holding us back.

It is my plesure to help guide you to finding clarity and the power within to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Business Coaching

Over the last three years I have helped clients start, build and scale their businesses. Creating strategies and accountability in order to achive goals and success.

Soul / Spiritual Coaching

As a firm believer in vibrational energy and the Law of Attration, I coach my clients to open their mind to the possibilities of living in abundace.

The way we percieve our life has every effect on how we succeed. The ability to become self aware and raise our vibrational level allows for the Universe to match this vibration, bringing in that in which you seek.

Happy Clients

I have been so busy which is amazing and all thanks to Emma’s help! New customers coming in thick and fast.”


I feel like i’ve grown in confidence with my business since joining and no longer feel like i’m banging my head against the wall.”


Emma has been my mentor and she has helped me so much with moving things forward. I can’t recommend this 1:1 programme enough.”


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