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Your friendly neighbourhood intuitive alchemist + conscious creator.
Emma is on a mission to re-wild your relationship with self, spirit + superconscious so you can create from your genius, alchemise your inner realm + live a gold life.

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The Journey So Far




Emma quit her job + opened a personal Styling + nail business from her lounge whilst studying to be a teacher + taking multiple coaching certifications

emma opened 'her beauty empire' coaching the beauty industry whilst teaching at a local college + qualified as eft practitioner

Launched the copper moon coven, Creatrix + high priestess + met the most amazing women.

opened wild autumn boutique
+ evolved the coven to wildself collective


Emma decided to focus on growth coaching women in life, business + soul. Hosting online + in person soul circles
Launched a wilder wellbeing + wild soul alchemy


invested in soul success alchemist brand.
qualified as a pellowah energy practitioner + sacred money coach.

the Forevolution

Team Awesome

I truly believe that if you want to go far, go together!
When aligned energy + intention come together - it raises the collective vibration and creative spirit. I spent years in business doing it all myself - Learning how to have a team to elevate creative power has been a journey in itself!
Owning their realms of genius, I bring you Team Awesome...

After years of supporting thousands of women to remember their innate magic + creative spirit through powerful masterclasses, challenges, group programs, immersions and 1:1 work. I felt the sacral pull to share this new business evolution with you. Given all we have journeyed through in the past couple of years, it's likely so many of us have forgotten why we even started. We're here to lead the wild revolution - a movement that ebbs and flows with nature, connects to the wisdom within + creates sustainable success on your own terms.

CEO + Founder

peak moon phase

hogwarts house

fave crystal

star sign

new moon

sm. citrine




Hey, I'm Emma 

I set up my Virtual Assistant business over 6 years ago, and have worked with so many fabulous women in that time, all doing incredible things! I first met Emma a year ago and with our shared love of nature, Harry Potter, and building a sustainable business - it was meant to be! I've always been an advocate for balancing your business with your life, I'm super organised and maybe a little too in love with a list! I'm over the moon to be Community Manager for the WildSelf Collective and I can't wait to start sharing my own re-wilding journey with you all.

Community Manager

peak moon phase

hogwarts house

fave crystal

star sign

FULL moon

plants for me




JOdie Hammersley

It was during my first week on the features desk at my local newspaper that I received an invitation to the press premiere of the latest Harry Potter Film… and knew I’d made the right career choice! Creativity is my passion, and if there’s a sprinkling of wizardry involved, I’m there. Over the years I’ve worked for some incredible brands, publications and broadcasters, before meeting Emma at the beginning of 2021. Within 7 months I’d ditched the corporate 9-5 and set up my own successful content marketing gig! Now I adore doing business on my own terms, and being a part of this magical team - here to help others redesign their lives the way I have - is the icing on the butterbeer!

Marketing Maven

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Lisa Bonita


Introducing the entrepreneurial membership with a twist. 

The WildSelf Collective was created to help you uncover a whole new kind of expansion: one that serves your mind, your business and your soul. An aspirational community like no other, built for business renegades and future-minded founders, who are ready to rewild the way we design a life of success.

This calls to my wild heart

A White

"I'm witnessing parts of me which I previously ignored and feel like a brand new person. I've become a brighter bolder version of myself + it was there all along, I just didn't know how to access those parts. Now I feel unstoppable!"

C. Huntington

"I like to call Emma a divine feminine superhero because that’s what she is. She has such a natural ability and way about her to really get to the truth of what you want and need inside. She helps you figure out exactly what you want, what soul success is for you."

L Burton

"Not long after meeting Emma, I quit my job + set up my own marketing gig. That level of bold wasn't in my repertoire a year ago. But I am now getting paid to sit in my garden all day in the sunshine!"

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